First post tadaaa~

Life has been very good to me. I am married to my sweetheart and I am blessed with a baby (still in my tummy though). Baby is 18 weeks and I have been eating regularly now. No more morning/evening/night sickness, just a bit of sore feet if I walk too far (not more than 100 meters to be exact) and mild headache once in a while. I try not to over-indulged myself with sweet and sour things but god knows how I love to eat. It is hard to fight the hormones in me (hehe it’s just an excuse i know :p). I try not to put on too much weight and my baby is healthy so far. From the last visit, baby has longer thigh bones compared to other 17 weeks babies. The head diameter and the backbones is of 17 weeks. It’s just that the thigh bones are 18 weeks++. I’m extremely excited! Mommy’s waiting for your first kick, my dear lil one. Hubby was hoping for a boy so that they can team-up against me and watch football all night long (not fair!). We’ll see. I have another full month before the next scan. Can the time goes by any faster? *Grin*


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