Blood oh blood~

It is Saturday and I am just being lazy. I spent most of my time sleeping and watching tv. I did my laundry this morning and my lunch were from last night’s leftover. (Thanks darling for cooking, you are the best! :D) I’ve been having mild headache for a week now. At first, I thought maybe it’s my blood circulation but from the last visit to the doctor, I just knew I didn’t have anough blood circulating inside my body. I don’t have enough blood to circulate through my brain and it’s causing headache. I hate this. I seldom have headache before, but since my little one is sharing it with me for the past 5 months, I need more blood. I’ve been taking Ferrome to increase my blood level but clearly it’s not enough. I am not a fan of beef but hubby insist that I should eat more red meat. The nurse advices me to eat more seafood too. Yeayy! that I don’t mind at all but I need to control my cholesterol level too. Enough about my condition.

I’ve been waiting to feel the lil one moving inside me. But maybe it’s not the right time yet. I read somewhere in the internet that a heavier pregnant woman will usually experience the movement later than a skinnier one. (Maybe it’s the layer of lemak surrounding the tummy? haha :p) I am anxious and keeps thinking about my lil baby. I get paranoid and wanted to go for ultrasound every month but I know it is not really necessary. I keep on complaining my tummy is not big enough last few weeks and now, omg i think it’s really getting big real fast. I gained 6kg now and I look HUGE!

On another different story, my boss unofficial last day is yesterday. He need to move to KL and join his family there. I am terribly sad coz he is such a nice boss, really. All of us are lucky to have him as our boss. He is only 32 yrs old and he knows how to make us happy and motivated. Key word: free food hehe. It won’t be the same without him around but I am glad he is moving on with his life and concentrating on his family now. He’s going to have his 3rd child by end of the year. I am so happy for him. All the best ol’man. We all going to miss you and we promise to do our best for the next project. Now, I am a little bit skeptical about his replacement. Our new boss have totally different style and approach. Pray to god that all of us can adapt to this change.

I think I need to start thinking on what to cook for dinner. I have clothes to fold too. First, I need some shower to freshen up. Ciao~

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