Caring or nosy?

I love weekend. Who don’t? Usually the two of us will spend our weekends cooking, eating, watching tv and just relaxing. I love cuddling in front of tv and listen to his silly joke. Hubby still continue doing his work though.. he’s always in front of the computer and will do his work while entertaining me. I know, I behave like a little kid around him, always seeking for attention. 😉 Lalala~

I must say I had an interesting work week. I’ve been asked questions I don’t have answers to and I’ve been surprised by some “entertaining” comments about my pregnancy. I know people is entitled to their own opinion but sometime it doesn’t make sense at all. One colleague commented that my tummy is too small for 5 months pregnancy? Really? I thought it is huge already. Another lady commented that I look okay and I should maintain a healthy weight. If I put on too much weight and the baby is too big, it will be hard to deliver the baby. (This freaks me out ok, I don’t want a gigantic baby). I got another who commented hey, don’t drink tea or coffee, it will affect your baby. They make it sounds like it’s a big sin. I know caffeine is not recommended during pregnancy but a couple of cups a week is okay. I just drink it once a week whenever I need to indulge myself. I am crazy in love with Nescafe but I manage to control my cravings so far, TQVM.

One particular question that amused me was from my preggy-partner who sits just across my cubicle. I know she meant well but I think it is okay if I don’t munch any food all day long right? She asked me why she never saw me eating between meals and why I don’t have a snack stacking on my tables. Errr.. I just eat whenever I feel like it. I don’t have to munch all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I eat regularly and my meal time is fixed. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong here. But who knows what happened in the 3rd trimester. I might become that fat lady with backaches and foot cramp; happily munching all day long. Don’t get me started on ppl touching my belly and ask how many month is it? Where are you going to deliver the baby? Who’s going to take care of the baby when you start working later on? To be honest I don’t have answers to all that and for now, just let me enjoy my pregnancy. I know we will find something that works for the lil one.

Moving on to the good news.. Baby start kicking my belly last Monday. I was wide awake at 5.30 a.m. and was wondering what happened to me? It’s usually hard for me to wake up unless my alarm clock start screaming at 6.30. I snooze the alarm all the time, heh. Then I feel this tiny squiggly thing moved inside my belly. It’s a lovely feeling and I can’t describe how happy I am. I baby-talked to my belly and went off to catch a sleep for few more minutes. Since then, the lil one keep waking me up every morning and I don’t need my alarm clock anymore. Unlike the two of us, I guess my lil one is a morning person after all… hehe.. 😉

Okay, need to go back to my gulai ikan already. Happy weekend everyone. Taaa~


2 thoughts on “Caring or nosy?

  1. there must be a right way for that ‘lil one’ bila sampai masa nnt kan CT. Dun worry too much!
    hihi kaki dia dah b’fungsi. ~CONGRATS!!~

  2. btul tu ms fisz. kaki dia dah aktif tu, pagi2 je jd aktif. hehe.. bess dgr cerita u happy dgn your mr.. all the best k.. mana2 pon ada rezeki, asalkan dekat dgn mr ye tak?

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