An evening in BM

Last Saturday, instead of our normally boring weekend, me and hubby go to see one of our dear friend, mr H play Rugby. It is for a club called BM Rhino. Err, I accidentally called the club BM Hippo and got a big laugh from hubby and ms H… errr apparently it is not the same animal *knock the head* :p

Let me share you some lousy picture. Courtesy of my 2MP camera phone.

Hehe.. I guess one of my friend will enjoy the picture of her old school. She said it is so ulu and it is true! We even got lost on the way. After commenting on the game (it is not like I am an expert on Rugby anyway) and asking too many silly questions to hubby, we decided to went for a teh tarik session at Pelita in BM. Mr H is a big fan of ManUtd and we went to catch the game. ManUtd lost to Chelsea, but who cares right? Heheeee… (I hope Mr H is not reading my blog :p) I got a big cup of teh tarik suam and roti sardin. Don’t ask me why roti Sardin. Out of the blue, I have a sudden craving for sardines. Sardines plus kicap plus nasi putih nyaammm.

Btw, before I go, let me share one article from this site:

It is hilarious! Enjoy~~

What to accept when you’re expecting
by The Sarcastic Journalist

It seems like everyone loves to ask a pregnant woman if she has any weird food cravings. I really think they want you to tell them “Why, yes. I do. I eat a can of sardines every night before I go to bed. Sometimes I cover them with grape jelly.”

Really, I went for “comfort food” (cheeseburgers are comfort food in my book) and sweets. I think I personally kept Betty Crocker in business during both of my pregnancies.

It always started out innocent enough: I wanted a cookie. Next thing I knew, I had gone through an entire bag of Oreos and a gallon of milk. Then two candy bars and a sandwich.

When I first got pregnant (this was during my first pregnancy, when I read those books) I read the “What to eat” chapter in What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

These people had what I should or should not be eating down to an exact science. I wanted to get my pregnancy off to a good start, so I’d eat all that “good for you” food while really wanting to high tail it down to the corner store to pick up a cupcake.

I’d pat myself on the back, all high and mighty like, because I made myself delicious meals that would make my baby smart! Those greens? They’re getting my baby into Harvard! All that fruit? She’ll be President!

It didn’t take too many lunches of trying to eat cottage cheese before I gave it all up. I tried. I really wanted to be a good Mom and somehow, that book had me convinced that I wasn’t a good Mom because I chose chocolate over cheese. She’d be lucky if she’d get into community college with the way I was eating!

Get over it. You’ll be a good Mom. Just consider all the eating good practice for when you have a kid and you’re so tired of all the whining that yes, you let him have ice cream for breakfast.


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