Renting dilemma~~

I am officially worried now. My house owner decided to sell the house and we are going homeless in 1 month time. I blame it on myself (and my hubby too :p) for not searching for a house sooner. I mean we did search but not as aggressive as we supposed to. Fyi, if you did not know about rental price in Penang Island, let me tell you this. It is VERY expensive, it does not make sense at all. For 3 bedroom 2 bath with 1 car park, you need to pay min of RM700. If partly furnished or renovated (air-cond, heater, kitchen cabinet) the min is RM800. If fully furnished and fully renovated (usu with better tiles and decoration), the min is RM900. For condo facilities and 2 carparks mak aih.. can go to thousands! Landed property lg lah. I guess Penang housing agents really “help” in raising the rental price. They will add extra hundred ringgit to their liking and desperate people (like myself) will have no choice but to rent it. How to survive in Penang? Flat? Err since we are going to have lil one, we want a better environment to live in. Parking in Penang is another issue. Most apartment/condo will only provide 1 carpark and extra carpark will means higher rental. What if hubby want to buy another car in the future? Hurrrm.. *pening*


2 thoughts on “Renting dilemma~~

  1. erkk serious?? 1 month mana sempat nak settle semua…sengsaranya nak pindah nanti. adoi la..hmm but i’m sure the 2 of you will figure sth out soon.

  2. dah jumpe dah… rumah tingkat atas je.. plus kami takde byk furniture sgt.. ada tv dgn washing machine je harta sendiri.. :p

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