Happy Mother’s Day!

I want to wish happy mother’s day to all mothers out there especially to my mom, Mrs Zaiton and my mother in Law, Mrs Mahani. They are both wonderful mothers and I love them very much. They shower their love in the most selfless way and they sacrifice a lot for the family. I am happy enough if I can be half the mother they are. To all mothers; you rock (the buaian) baby! Heheee~

Even though I am not officially a mother (lil one still inside me and kicking), hubby decided to bring me for a weekend treat@Mother’s day treat. Hik I LOVE, aint he sweet? 😀 We went to Gurney Plaza for a quick shopping, a big fat dinner and a movie. I don’t have the pic during my shopping spree but I managed to get a couple of cute outfit for lil one and a couple of blouses for myself. Hooray! Then off we went to cili’s for dinner. Owh man, the chicken fajita’s is gooood and my hubby got a lamb chop for himself. Just look at the pictures. Nyum~~

After membuncit session, off we went for a movie afterwards at around 11.45p.m. We watched What happens in Vegas. It is hilarious! Combination of Cameron and Ashton really works magic! It is a perfect romantic comedy and it is quite refreshing. The storyline is simple but all the characters are very strong. Love it! Btw, if you haven’t go and see Iron Man, please do so. It is a GOOD movie. The hero looks very matured and brilliant too. Unlike other superhero movies where the so-called superhero looks too young and hurmm how should I put it.. aahh.. inexperienced. I love hot-hunky-matured guy hehe. (Yes hubby, you are still the most handsome in the world! :p) Okay before I gross all of you out, I need to sign off. I got an early checkup tomorrow. Hopefully my sugar level and my blood pressure is doin ok. Lil one is very active nowadays and I feel that my feet is getting more swollen everyday. Erk.. Need to do something fast! Night night~


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