14 going on 17

No, I am not talking about age here. I’m moving from my apartment on the 14th floor to the new one on 17th floor tomorrow. Why the move? Because we have no time to search for more options and I am already familiar with my surrounding. In case hubby is not around, I can do my own stuff and find my way around the area. I am not good at navigating my way on the road, unless I am very very familiar with the road. Hehe 😉 I remembered last year, when I bring my sister and brother around Penang, my brother commented “Kenapa kita asik lalu jalan yang sama ek? Ada satu jalan je ke kat Penang ni?” *Gedebush* Smack right on my nose ok. Hahaa.. that time I am not too familiar with the road and I just got my car for 3 months. Kena perli pulak dah hahahahha.. but that’s my brother. Mulut takda insurans ok. I admit I am a bit slow at navigating but when it comes to remembering road to my favorite eating place senang plak nak ingat.. huahuauaaa.. :p See my point? Since I’m carrying lil one, I have stop driving for almost 3 months now. It’s not because I don’t want to drive, but hubby is convinced that after work, I will be too tired to concentrate on the road. I have a near accident experience just in front of my workplace AND one of hubby’s friend saw the whole thing. (Baru nak sorok2) Thank god he got to know about it from me first. Errr susah la ini macam, my black Savvy famous rupanya kih kih…

After having fried rice in the morning, still feel very hungry. I am expanding quite rapidly now. I can’t believe how big my thigh and b*tt looks like. Errkkk.. Okie it’s almost 12, need to cook gulai keli for hubby. Nyummm.. Have a good weekend everyone.


5 thoughts on “14 going on 17

  1. fullamak.. cantek nye view from umah ko nette. seumur hidup aku belum pernah sampai ke Penang. hahahaha.. negeri dlm mesia ade 2 negeri tak pernah gik, Penang & Sarawak.

    jage diri bebaik ye nette, n doa2 lah supaya lift tak rosak.. kalu rosak, demam ko nak panjat tangga dgn bwk baby dlm tummy tuh.

  2. uih dah pindah umah baru ke? x kisah la kat mana pon, janji u n baby happy. bila deliver ek ct? pu3’s wedding nnt g x? nak gak tgk perut boyot tu. 😀 take care!

  3. wanie,
    tu la.. nice view. kalo lift rosak mmg aku tak naik rumah la. tido dlm kereta je la haha~

    kita mmg nakgi wedding pu3. jumpa kat sana ok.. perut boyot sgt dah ni.. segan tgk perut sendiri haha..

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