It’s a GIRL!

Hihi.. I can’t stop smiling right now. Due to high anticipation from our side and all sorts of questions coming from family and friends, we decided to go for a scan Monday afternoon. I have a feeling that it’s a girl but hubby still put his hopes for a boy. He said he can’t wait to teach the lil one how to play football. Hihi.. Since morning, lil one keep on kicking and twisting inside my tummy. Looks like lil one can’t wait to reveal herself..

Now, I can start buying those girlie dresses with pink flowers and ribbons. I can start shopping for baby clothes yeayy. I hope she will be a cute chubby baby. *Dreaming*

On another note, one of my dear friend and colleague is going to leave us. I am truly sad coz it will be less fun without her around. I hope she will have a happy life with her dear one in Melaka and she will have a bright career there too. All the best Nicole!!


8 thoughts on “It’s a GIRL!

  1. yeayyy!! girll.. buleh masuk stf ek.. hihihi.. tahniah nett tahniah.. bess kan baby girl.bile nak beli baju/toys etc., byk choice sket kan compared to boys. bleh pakai renda2, liplap liplap…

  2. waniey,
    thank you~ masuk stf? ayah dia awal2 dah warning tamo anak dia masuk asrama.. tanak miss all those precious years.. hehe.. baju baby girl mmg cute2.. tak tahan tgk :p

    terima kasih.. bess kan.. ct tunggu turn noi plak ni :p

    hihi thank u thank u~~ 😀
    nette 2.0 ni mintak2 ada upgrade sket.. ayah die ckp daddy’s girl kene jd sportswoman hahah.. definitely will be diff from me :p

  3. yeah….baby girl…congartz…iba pnye baby boy ke girl? hik…nnt kalu achik(rs muda sket…jgn jeles ;p) jmp bj cumil2 kt zara achik bli utk girgirl ea ;D

  4. Azima,
    hehe.. excited kan.. main lipstick nnt siap kene cubit :p

    Kak cik,
    hihi.. baju zara yg cute2 tau.. hik hik suka suka 😀

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