28weeks and counting~

Sorry for the long silence. Poor thing. My space dah naik berhabuk dah haha.. Btw, my mom is around for almost 2 weeks now. It is good to have her in the house, not that she needs to do anything. Her presence makes me feel secure and I have one extra person to talk to. If not, dear hubby je menjadi mangsa. At first, I thought I was okay if my mom not going to take care of me during my confinement. But now, I feel jealous of my sister pulak. You see, we are giving birth almost at the same time. Since my sister is nearer to home, she gets the previlege to having my mom. *dengki* Anyway, I have Tok, Wan and Ayah to take care of me in Kangar. I know I am in good hands.

As for our preparation for the lil girl, I have bought lots and lots of cute clothes (Oops, jgn marah ye hubby) and all important necessities. I am still not sure if I need to buy a crib or playpen for her though. I am afraid it is not safe to let the baby sleep with us at night. Mak nye tido ganas ok haha.. As for the stroller, maybe we can get it after confinement. We’ll see. It needs a lot of thinking coz we don’t want to waste money and buy something that is not going to be used later. Any recommendation on the crib/stroller is very much appreciated.

Some update on the lil girl, she kicks and turns and twists like its nobody business. A very active girl indeed. Maybe it is because of her extra long feets kot :p Like father like daughter. And my weight have gone up 10 kilos now since January. *Pengsan*

Anyway, please pray for my safe delivery and for both baby and myself to be healthy. Btw, we got to attend an ante-natal class at Pearl last weekend and I will update more with the pictures. Hehee. That’s all I have for now. From the land of pearl, wishing all of you a great weekend!


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