34 weeks and 1 day, 41 days to go!

Sorry for abandoning you for so long. Streamyx mmg leceh. Pindah rumah je pon, but it is so hard to get them to make the connection properly. I cannot online at home and office work has been piling up. I am scared I cannot finish my task on time before the maternity leave starts. Whoopps! If that happened, I need to prepare transfer plan to my jr colleague(another painful thing to do). She is a shy girl from Ipoh who got a 3.9 CGPA in Electronics from UTM. Wohooo impressive or not?. I’m afraid if she knew how my grades look like, she will lie down on the floor and laugh :p Okay, I’m done with excuses hehe~

Meanwhile, junior in my tummy is very active nowadays. She twist and turn and kick and poke like there is no tomorrow. Maybe she can’t wait to come out and see the world. Hehe. It is such a joy to be able to see her move, (or to be exact, the skin on my tummy move). I really hope she will grow to be a healthy and decent kid. I never knew that you can love someone unconditionally even before you met them, until this little miracle happen.

I’ve bought most of the important things for lil one accept for big(and expensive) things which is not needed yet.

List of things that I haven’t bought:
1. Baby cot/playpen (haven’t decide on which one I should buy)
2. Breast pump and bottles set (plan to breastfeed)
3. Bottle sterilizer
4. Baby sling (if the lil one is on the heavy side, I think I will just use stroller)
5. Car seat

All in the list above are not so urgent and it can wait. I plan to sleep with my baby girl in the pink basket, or on the baby matress we bought. I think we will be fine. Breast pump can wait until I’m back to work. Baby sling and car seat is for long distance travelling which not going to be so soon. What worries me is that, I need to find a nanny for my lil one soon. Nursery is not an option coz she is such a small baby. I don’t like the idea of having a maid living with me inside the house. Where to find a good nanny in Penang? Any suggestions?

As for myself, I am big and wide and expanding. At a rate of 2 kilo per month, it is NOT looking good at all (imagine all the exercise and dieting I need to do after delivery). I’ve successfully added 13 kilos since the first month of my pregnancy, thanks to all the ice cream, nasi lemak, roti canai, kari ikan, kuih bingka, durian and everything else I consume for the past 8 month. Hehe.

Latest pic is inside my camera phone and I cannot upload it coz the battery just died few minutes ago. Sob sob, so Shell, not picture for you yet. Will try to update soon. 😉

Hubby just called and it’s time to go home. It is 6.30 p.m. already, huh!


4 thoughts on “34 weeks and 1 day, 41 days to go!

  1. if you plan to fully breastfeed even after you go back to work, better buy the pump earlier. You’ll need to stock some ebf beforehand.

  2. ye ke.. terpakse tgk.. hihi.. tp paiz ala2 dah tersuka kat avent la plak.. nanti aku habaq kat dia spectra ade sale 😉

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