Nice little surprise

I got back from work today at about 6.30 p.m. feeling tired and ready to call it a day. But first, being a devoted wife and knowing that hubby would love my “air tangan” for dinner, I decided to cook some fried chicken, sayur lemak kobis with carrot and mushroom omelette. There I was whipping up dinner and I need daun kunyit for the said lemak kobis. I walk outside to the balcony for daun kunyit in a pot (thanks to my mom) and there it was. I can’t help but smiling when I first saw it.

I knew it must belong to my upstair’s neighbour. Those cute little darlings who fly kite during weekend at the balcony and main masak2 knocking here and there on the floor (sometimes pening kepala jugak). I can’t wait for the artsy work coming from this little one in my tummy 🙂 I took the drawing inside and yeah with a small blue ruler and decided to blog about it later. Should I return it back to them? I might not know those kids very well but I can’t help but beeing amused by them. I guess I am ready now. I’ve always love kids and I promise that I will do my best to give my everything for my lil girl. I hope she will be a healthy, loving and caring girl who has the chance to do whatever she likes to do in her life. I can imagine how wonderful it will be when she finally arrive. Mak and ayah loves you very much lil one~


2 thoughts on “Nice little surprise

  1. hehe.. cute kan drawings tu..
    sayur lemak kobis tu azima kene try… one of fav siti hehe.. letak carrot bertambah la lemak manis 😉 tambah daun kunyit dgn serai bertambah la harum hihi..

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