Saturday night blues..

I got the lazy bug biting on me. I’ve done nothing productive the whole night besides watching tv, surfing, chatting, you-tubing, facebooking and playing games online. :p Heh.. I cannot afford to laze around after this lil bun came out so might as well anjoy my lazy and quiet weekend at home. I hope I can tag along with hubby but yeah, he’s on a business meeting with some clients who apparently have no life. (on Sat night? I guess u know by now my hubby is a workaholic).

I found this and fall in love with the whole baby G*A*P bodysuit collection. One-piece or onesies are such a cute stuff isn’t it? I bet I can get these cheaper at the factory outlet. How I wish I’m in LA right now :p

super cute ;)

super cute 😉

don't wake me..

don't wake me or..

super duper cute :D:D

Ah well, we’ll see if it’s really a girl and THEN we can go shopping full force (Hubby is sweating now :p).

If you don’t know me yet, I am a fan of Grey’s Anatomy. I love romance and drama and this series definitely have it all. I took this quiz and guess which Grey’s character am i?

Dr. Izzie

I'm Dr. Izzie!

I can still remember the episode where she cried on her dead fiance’s lap with the beautiful dress on. I cannot help but cry. I feel her. I can’t imagine if that sort of thing happened to me. You can go here and find out which Grey’s char are you 😉

It’s almost midnight already and tomorrow is a big day for me and hubby. I think it deserve a separate entry by itself. Okay, time for some hot milo and Kungfu Panda!. Heheee.. good night people and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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