What we did last sunday ;)

Let me share some pictures about what we did last Sunday coz pictures speaks a thousand words..

sebelum makan

see the big tummy? @37week

see the big tummy? @37week

hubby's new york strip with mash potatoes

hubby's new york strip with mash potatoes

my chicken quesadillas

We had a good dinner at Fridays nyumm… 😀

We manage to catch the finale of badminton men single for the olympics. I wish Chong Wei had won but Lin Dan is too strong a competitor. He is aggressive and very moody. Anyway Chong Wei give a good fight. Hubby sure enjoy the tourney and he left me alone with the dessert. Hehe I manage to sapu all accept for the tropical flavor coz got pineapple in it. Doesn’t want to have stomach ache too soon :p


2 thoughts on “What we did last sunday ;)

  1. fuyyoo siti..tak penah tengok perut siti sebeser itewwww…gulp!! hehehh i’m so happie for you girl..baby siti cepat kuar, aunty ima tunggu nii..hehe

  2. besar kan? tgk dlm gamba baru perasan besor cenggitu kih kih :p bukan perut je yg lain2 pon besor jugak haha.. dah boley kongsi seluar dgn hubby :p

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