Since I have extra time nowadays besides the usual house chores, I’ve been reading a lot on birth and labor. I don’t have experienced giving birth (yet) so I need to read to make myself knowledgeable about the subject and to prepare myself for whatever it is that will happened on “d” day. The more I read, the more uncertain it seems. There is no fix way of giving birth. There a several labor symptoms for example, and you will not have any clue which one will happen to you. The timing and time line of contractions also varied for different individual. It scares me not to know what exactly will happen to me few hours before the labor. Who knows how many hours I need to wait in the hospital before I am fully dilated. Will my water broke? Will there be “bloody show”? Will I know when the contraction starts? Will I have enough time to get to the hospital before my lil one come out? Scary thought. I realized that the more I know, the more uncertain  I am about the labor. One thing for sure, it will be a unique experience for every mother. A mother have one birth story to tell each time they have a baby.

I need to distract myself from thinking too much about labor. Ok back to wordscraper. I think hubby already fall asleep after having his favorite gulai keli. Need to wake him up to entertain me. Hehe I’m such a needy wife nowadays :p


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