News break — my baby sis is in labor!

I just called my sister and she is in the hospital having the early labor phase now. Omg! This feels surreal. My baby sis is having her first baby 😀 Wonder if its a girl or a boy. My heart says its a girl 😉

Btw, I can hear the pain in her voice cause she is having contractions every 5 minutes apart! She said it is very painful and if tonight she is not dilating yet, she will opt for induce tomorrow. She is worried for the baby cause she lost a lot of blood just now and the baby is not moving as usual. Poor thing. I hope she is fine. Pray to god that everything will be okay. Amin.

————— Latest Update —————

My sis gave birth on Wednesday 27th Aug at 6.05 p.m. to a healthy 3.3Kg baby girl. Way to go sis!! Can’t wait for the picture and the lil girl’s name………… lalala~~

I’m officially an aunt! My first niece is here 😉


One thought on “News break — my baby sis is in labor!

  1. uii, terkezut masuk2 page siti citer pasal ni..wahh wahh…adik siti yg beranak dulu le canni eh..omg omg!! i pon suspen gak ni haaa..tarik napasss…embossss 🙂

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