My cute chubby niece.. Diha ;)

I just finished video calling my sis this afternoon and the baby girl is sooOOooo cute~~ Can’t wait to play with her, but I guess that will take some time to happen. Her aunt over here is expecting a baby girl as well and won’t be able to visit until after raya. Her full name is Siti Nurmadihah binti Iskandar Zulkarnain. Such a long name, I know :p She is such a cutie pie with her round face and button nose lol. Feel like pinching her chubby cheek but *sigh* I am not physically there. It’s ok Diha.. maklong will come and visit you together with you cousin soon ok. Wait for us will you.

Lots of kisses from maklong and paklong in Penang *Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhssss*

p/s: I will share her picture as soon as I got one ok :D:D


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