Tanggal 31, bulan 8, 57.. shopping time :p

Happy merdeka day! Am i patriotic? Not so much I guess, but I remembered the date of our independence day and the whole effort of getting it. Our ancestors have fought for it and we should be grateful for the independence they brought for us and I think Malaysia is not too shabby for a 51 yrs old country 😉 The most important thing is for us to celebrate merdeka in our own way. For example.. the merdeka sales! What else do you expect from a shopaholic mother-to-be (although not as intense as before, cause I have other priority now :p) .

Guess what do we get from the past 2 days during the merdeka sales? lalalaaaaa~~

Let me list down the items we bought just to remind myself how much I’ve spent and the fact that I spent ONLY on essential items :p really

1. Avent manual breast pump out and about set

2. Disposable breast pad

3. Spectra disposable breast milk storage bag

4. Huggies diaper

5. Cloth diaper

6. Nursing bra

7. Bra extender

8. Long sleeve t-shirts and batik dress (for me to wear after the delivery, hubby said no pants for me until after the confinement)

9. Nikon Coolpix S210 (to take lots and lots of pictures of our lil one :D)

Yeaaaaayyyy!! I absolutely love the first item and the last item hihi…

I am so glad we finally manage to buy the pump. Milk formula nowadays is so expensive and after knowing the benefit of breast milk, I am determined to try my best to breastfeed my baby as long as I can. If I manage to breastfeed for at least 1 year, then the pump is sooOOoo worth it kan? 😀

As for the last item, my very first digital camera… haha funny I know. I am so behind. It’s just that I have this APS camera that is still working and I’ve been contemplating for so long whether I really need a digital camera or not. I am careful with my money when it comes to gadget and stuff coz u know, these things will go out of fashion very fast and there are so many to choose from, it makes me confuse. Hehe.. We finally have a digicam and brace yourself. You will be seeing more pictures of us and the lil one of course. I am so going to make hubby setup a web gallery for lil one. No more lousy pictures from my camera phone haha

Ok, picture time.. here’s what we get for RM650 for Nikon S210:

The camera case, tripod, 2x2GB SD card, USB cable, TV cable and of course the 8.0 Megapixel camera lalala~

Btw, I haven’t got any picture of little Diha yet. Bila la mak Diha nak send gambar ni.. Can’t wait. I better go and bug my sister again for the picture hehe.. Such a busybody, I know :p


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