Presenting lil Nurmadihah Maisarah~


Lil Diha

Looking at her, I can’t wait for my own baby girl to come out and see the world.

Apparently lil Diha is very active. Right after delivery, she opens her eyes and start looking for her mommy around. She also drinks milk a lot and have no problem switching from BM and formula milk. One hungry baby she is.. so cute.

I wish I were in Kajang now, holding her. Geram dari jauh je la. Kisses to Diha *muaaaaaaaaaaaahhhssss*

Today I manage to fast even though rasa sangat letih and lapar. My lil one keep on tossing and turning inside my tummy. Poor baby girl, lapar la tu. Maybe tomorrow I won’t fast. Kesian pulak kat si kecik ni.

Happy fasting and Ramadhan al-Mubarak to everyone. Enjoy the fasting month 😉

——– Newsbreak ———

My dear friend Ijat just delivered a baby girl on Merdeka day. I am so happy for her! I wish her to recover well and enjoy her baby. Congratulations my dear. I am sure your baby is healthy and as fair as you. The lil girl is named Nuramirah Nuha (not sure about the spelling though). Welcome to the world and can’t wait to see her picture. *muaaaaaaaahsss* to baby Amira 😉


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