Menu: sup tulang & ikan bakar

Today’s menu for breakfasting are:

White rice + sup tulang with chinese cabbage and carrots + grilled kembung and keli + air asam

Sup tulang

I’ve decided to cook for breakfasting today. Luckily I have energy to cook coz it is raining very heavily in Penang and hubby said it is quite impossible to go to pasar ramadhan to get the usual kuih and lauk. Besides, I am not fasting :p so there’s no problem with cooking hehe.. It’s just that I cannot stand up too long or my feet will be cramped.

It's raining heavily the whole day

Raining; view from balcony

On a clear day I can see bkt Gambier, but not today due to the heavy rain. I woke up just to take a bath, watch some tv, drink my milk and doze of until 3 in the evening. Then I on my laptop, bloghopping, read some news before start cooking at 5 hehe.. Hubby is stranded on the road and arrived a little after Maghrib. Poor thing. He must be exhausted in the car.


my beloved tv :p

tummy at 39th week

tummy at 39th week

Hehe… I am still waiting for lil one to arrive. So far, no sign yet. I wish everything will go as planned. Maybe this baby girl really listened to his daddy and wanted to wait until 9th of September before showing herself to the world. We’ll see. If not, my doc said she will opt for induce. Ouchh! Scary~~ I need a lot of luck and prayers. Till then~


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