How time flies~

There’s nothing much to do this weekend accept for… waiting :p what else is new haha..

I’ve done with packing my hospital bag, done reading and assembling the breastpump by myself, done reading on birth and labor (actually i think i overdo it :p), done some shopping for my lil sis yanie in germany and done some shopping for my soon-to-pop-out baby girl.. the thing that i have not done is cleaning the house and folding the clothes. I think I will be ok with laundry but for the cleaning part, I need some help from my strong-and-handsome hero (pleaaase hehe).

I told hubby maybe I need some exercise for easier delivery; I need a walk! After breakfasting, off we went to BJ complex to find baju raya, tudung and a pair of specs for yanie (I call her kak cik). The baju raya is green with matching green tudung (her choice) and the specs is black square metal rim with brown tinted glass. I love the dark blue rim better but since it’s not on her preference list, so I choose the black one instead. It is braun buffel (a Deutch brand haha) and it’s on 50% discount. It’s a high quality frame and I hope she will like it. I want the baju raya to be a surprise so no picture of the baju and the specs is going to be ready on Thurs the earliest. Kak cik tunggu tau.. wo pos pakai DHL, secure sikit :p. I think I will pack some extra goodies for her raya preparation.. rempah ratus, kerisik, santan and maybe some asam kedondong and salak hihi. A very special package is coming all the way to Germany.. so kak cik, u wait ok 😉

After we’re done with shopping, we went to OldTown kopitiam for our favorite white coffee and ximut tea.. plus the snacks of course!

Oklah, to sum up the weekend, let me share some random pictures.. Enjoy 😀

Breast feeding accessories

Hospital bag

Can't wait for lil one to use this play gym

New hobby for the past 2 weeks

Yummy white coffee

Hubby and blackberry

Very pregnant.. note the double chin extravaganza :p

Us 😉 enjoying the "snacks"

For more photos, click here 😉


2 thoughts on “How time flies~

  1. owh…dah blikn brg…thanx..hehe…xsbr nk tggu brg smpi.hehe ;p
    congratz 4 da baby…comel jer zara.tgk achik dah tau dah name zara b4 kuar lg…pndai kn achik…harhar

  2. hehe.. tunggu abg Paiz hantarkan ok :p maybe next week sbb barang kak cik kat Penang. Hehe.. eleeeh Abg Paiz mmg dah lama minat dgn nama Zara hihi :p

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