Zara in action

Greetings from Kangar, Perlis~

At first I thought of jotting down my experience giving birth to Zara but then, that can wait. Let me share with you some updates on my little sweetpie, Zara.

A day after the delivery, 11th Ramadhan, we found out that Zara has a mild jaundice and it probably will shoot up if not taken care of and she might need to be hospitalized. On 12th Ramadhan, we went for another checkup in Kangar and I saw in front of my eyes how the nurse took the blood from her feet. She cried, maybe because of the pain and I cried too. I can’t bear the thought of my little one crying like that everyday. 😦 It is such a heartbreaking thought.

We need to check her blood for jaundice everyday and we tried all sorts of alternative medication; jampi water from traditional practitioners, chinese herbal remedy, giving her warm water at every feeding with our prayers so that her jaundice will subside. Alhamdulillah, on the 14th, the Bilirubin reading starts to go down to 11.8 and on the 16th, the Bilirubin reading is 8.6. It is such a relief. I feel so guilty because Vaccum assisted delivery is one of the reason why a baby will have a jaundice, and Zara’s blood type is “o” making it more prone to jaundice. Poor baby. Everything is okay now and no more checkup needed for jaundice. The most important thing is for Zara to stay healthy.

Today is the 20th of September; 20th Ramadhan and my little girl is growing fast. We’ve done aqiqah for her on 16th Ramadhan, and bercukur on 17th Ramadhan which coincide with Nuzul Quran. She is such a blessing from above. Every time I look at her, I feel so calm and happy. She’s a clingy baby; she nurses every 1 to 2 hours, but I love every minute I spent with her. Her reaction to outside world grows everyday. She can make faces that makes you laugh and adore her. I love looking at Zara especially when she’s sleeping coz she can sure become an actress with all those little expression she makes. It looks like she dreams a lot in her sleep hihi~

Btw, Zara is 4.1kg now, 0.35kg heavier than 11 days ago yeaayyy.. 😀 Her Tok wan measure her with measuring tape yesterday and she is 54cm now, 2cm longer from her birth measurement. Cepatnya anak mak membesar.

Before I go, let me share some pictures of Zara.. Enjoy 🙂

Zara, 1 day old

Zara in her pink basket.. thank you Mak Tok!

Zara in her pink basket.. thank you Mak Tok!

im hungry~

i'm hungry~

Zara, 5 days old

Zara, 5 days old

Yawning.. ;)

Yawning.. 😉

Zara smiling

Zara smiling

For more pictures of Zara, click here

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