Zara’s milk factory

Reminder: Rated “M”, most suitable for mother’s or mother-wannabe’s viewing and the author is not responsible for any inconvenience


As you all probably know it, I am a new mother and I am still in this excited mode where everything in my life revolves around my daughter, Zara(I miss you dear, mak will come home in 1 hour ok :p) See, I told you so. I can say that I am proud that I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby since the day she was born. (minus a bit of formula she taken on the first few days of her life due to low breastmilk(bm) production :p)

My breastfeeding journey is smoother now and I am happy that I choose to bf my baby. I found out the benefit and I stick to my decision. I admit that it is difficult at first. I got sore and cracked n*ipple. It bleeds and it hurts like h*ll but I will do anything for my daughter and I did it. I finally managed to convince everyone around me that I want to breastfeed exclusively and I thank god for my supportive hubby. He is always there to give me support and he understands how I feel. He might not have the experience but he is a very good father to Zara and I am proud of him. Without hubby around, I don’t think I can do it. I need his emotional support and constant reassurance.

Last week, I manage to pump 3 times and I got around 10 to 12 oz per day. That is about 3.5 to 4oz per session. I am quite worried coz I thought I will need 16oz per day, coz zara will nurse every 2 hours and the recommended amount is 4oz per feeding, for babies with her weight. In 9 hours, Zara will have 4 feedings and 10 oz won’t be enough. Fortunately, Zara only take 10oz during the day because I feed her in the morning right before I went off for work and one more time as soon as I arrived home in the evening. Phewww… lega.. I am proud to say that this week my expressed breast milk(ebm) increases! Yeayy! I got 5 to 7 oz per session and at the end of yesterday, I got close to 14 oz of ebm. Syukurnya. Hopefully it will keep going up and I can save some in the freezer for future use. I got some frozen stock from my confinement that is going to be expired next month. Need to build up my emergency stock. 🙂

Okaylah, it’s already 5.30 p.m. Time to go home. Yeaaayy~~


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