Her first laugh~

Baby Zara first laugh is yesterday, 30th Nov 2008. It happens when me, hubby and my mom were relaxing with Zara in front of the tv. Zara was looking at the tv and suddenly she laugh so loud that my brother wakes up from his slumber inside the room and she laugh not once, but twice. Me and hubby are so lucky coz we are around at that time. She is one happy baby, and maybe that is her way of saying I love it when my mak and ayah is around! Hopefully we can record her laugh on camera next time. She plays a lot nowadays and drink lesser milk. She knew that if she drink her milk, she will get sleepy and that means less time to play. Aint she clever? She loves to watch pictures of cats and chickens on her matress as well as her booties. Looks like she become more interested on patterns and objects. Maybe it is time to introduce her to her first teddy bear. Yeaaayyy… Saaaaaayang Zara~~


2 thoughts on “Her first laugh~

  1. tatau la azima.. zara suka mengomel bila takda org or bila suasana sunyi je.. maybe if ramai org dia sibuk perhati je kut.. time org takda dia practise hehe :p

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