More bad news~

In this tsunami of bad economic condition, what else can we do besides pray for it to get better and save whatever hard earning cash we have left from everyday expenditure? I know, earn more cash. But how? Maybe I should consider teaching tuition classes on weekend like my hubby suggested, or go on with my plan to learn sewing and stitching manik. Let see how much more can I earn. I think I need to sweat more on weekend, juggling housework and being a good wife to hubby and mother to Zara. The fact that I am the only food source for my little girl will not make it any easier.

My husband has been doing all sorts of extra work for us to have additional income to spend. Selling products, setting up an online stores, MLM, part time IT contractor and programmer (Let me know if you need help on setting up websites, online stores, networking, water filter, spirulina supplements, save the electricity and save petrol). He sure can multitask better than me. Maybe it is time for me to do my part. It requires some serious time management and big sacrifice. We cannot afford to spend everything we earn. We need savings for future. For our future, moreover for Zara’s.

Another bad news today. EPF investment is going down. Let’s see what is coming next.

*Praying hard*


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