Happy new year 1430 Hijri & 2009~

First of all, salam Maal Hijrah 1430 and happy new year 2009 to everyone. I hope you enjoyed your holiday.  Mine is ok for the first half, which is during xmas week, but turn bad on new year’s. Both my husband and I are down with viral fever and flu. Complete with rashes and all. The rashes is all over my body and it stays for weeks after the fever. Feels like I am wasting half of my holiday. Even though we had no plans for that week but staying at home with fever and rashes is real bad. I hope it won’t happen again anytime soon. Good thing is, Zara is not affected. L.e.g.a 🙂

I know it’s a bit too late for new year resolution but we’re stil in January and.. I can’t remember when is the last time I had a new year resolution. The following is more to what I wanted to achieve this year, a reasonable reminder of what is important to me and perhaps serve as my to-do-list this year.

Here goes..

As wifey – Lunch date with hubby whenever possible, cook dinner when zara is not clingy, learn to cook hubby fav kuih like cucur badak and bingka ubi, do cleaning and laundry more often

As mother – Spend time with Zara whenever am not doing house chores, made home cooked meal when she is ready for solid food, sing to her more often, buy new toys for her to play with, bring her outdoor; picnic, trip to the zoo, park, and beaches, playdates

As employee – be punctual, reduce procastination (hehe), finishes work before due date, be more helpful to others, be more innovative, write a technical paper, read more to update myself with current technologies

If I were to accomplish all this, I need to practise good time management. Thing is, I am a dreamer and I love to be idle sometime. Idling give me back my sanity where I can destress and think and dream. I am not lazy, but I need time off once in a while. It is not easy being a working mom. Some people made it look easy and I envy them. I just hope I can cope. Sometimes my house is messy, I got dirty laundry for days, unfolded clothes, unswept floor.. but I usually will cook dinner. Pejam mata whenever possible and let go. If I need to rest, I need to rest. 🙂 I am considering those cleaners paid by hours to clean my house. I can’t help it. I can’t stand dirty house, but I just don’t have the time. With a clean house, I can play with Zara more and cook for my hubby. Maybe I will call them one of these days. 😉

Btw, I am still on babysitter hunting. Zara is with her Mak Lang nowadays. Come March, Zara’s Mak Lang will start to work already. Anyone know a good one in Penang island? :p


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