Tagged: What is inside my bag?

What is inside my bag?

I’ve been tagged by ladyfisz for quite sometime. Actually it is more than a month ago haha. Not until recently that I got the time to take picture of what “bersarang” inside my bag.

The bag itself is a gift from my mother-in-law. She got it as a souvenir from a friend. Apparently she thought the bag is too big for her and it is more suitable as my new handbag slash diaper bag :p since I got Zara who will tag along wherever I go. I am not a fan of those diaper bag with cartoon pictures all over it so thankfully, I did not have to get a diaper bag like that to carry around Zara’s stuff.

So you asked what is inside?

Things inside my bag

Things inside my bag

-My beloved choc Bonia purse
-My nokia E65
-Some facial tissue
-Anakku disposable breast-pad
-Huggies diapers (not in pic, still in the bag)
-Anakku baby wipes
-Zara’s toiletries: Johnson n Johnson baby talc, minyak Yu Yee, Drapolene cream for nappy rash, olive oil for Zara’s spiky hair, Vicks vapo rub, Mothercare’s forehead thermometer, Ezerra cream for any milk rashes
-Extra outfit for Zara
-Extra napkin and cloth, again for Zara
-Zara’s Giraffe’s rattle
-Lovedbaby nursing cover (the one in brown pouch) for nursing on the go
-Victoria’s secret Love Spell body splash (the purple bottle) to help me refresh myself from those milky smell :p

Hehe.. the amount of stuff doubled or maybe tripled than I used to carry around. My handbag used to be smaller and less-packed. Owh ya, I should mention sometime I also carry my hubby’s wallet in my handbag. Maybe he too, need a handbag of his own lah hihi.. just kidding hubby 😉

That’s all folks. Nothing interesting, really.


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