Belated entry

I wanted to write about hubby’s birthday celebration last week but got bitten by the lazy bug (always blame it on others :p). Here goes.

I wanted to go shopping together for hubby’s present but we end up shopping for the not-so-lil-one (jangan marah ye Zara sayang). First, we went to mothercare and bought some tights. Due to lack of choice (not colors but the size hence the not-so-lil-one :p kih kih), we choose the pink and pinkstripes for her. Then we bought 2 pairs of pink and 1 pair of white soft-sole shoes for her. At first we were thinking of getting her a Bumbo seat tp cam errr out of our budget lah malam tu. Mahal juga ya. Maybe find a used one? I am not a fan of used item and I believe my daughter deserves the best. Put the plan on hold and wait for extra money courtesy of hubby. Hopefully soon :p

Went to toys-r-us to check whether they have the cheaper version, but no. They have a different baby seat but with almost the same price as bumbo. So ditch the plan and get Zara a nice red flower. The flower is as tall as her and she loves it (or she loves the red color more, I’m not too sure).

After aktiviti mengeringkan poket, I decided to treat hubby and sis-in-law for dinner at Chilis to celebrate hubby’s bday. It is almost 8p.m. and it is Zara’s sleep time. She is cranky and can’t wait to nurse and sleep.

While waiting for our table,  me and sis-in-law went to search for her sandals. She is going to attend a kenduri in a few weeks. While carrying a sleepy baby, we manage to find a sandal for her.

Back to Chilis, I nurse Zara as soon as we get the table but she seems not happy with the chaos and loudness around her. After ordering the food, I quickly get out and brought her outside for some fresh air. I hold her in my arm and sing some lullaby and *poof* she went to sleep. (err not exactly *poof*, it took me about 20 minutes to do so). Went inside and the food is ready. I ate while Zara is sound asleep on my lap. If I were to put her in the stroller, she will wake up within minutes. It is usually the case cause it will get hot after a while inside the stroller.

Btw, Hubby is not in good condition. He is having stomach pain since the day before. Furthermore, the lamb chop he ordered are not so fresh and that ruins his appetite. As for sis-in-law, she get the grilled chicken with mushroom and thought that it is too salty for her. She hates her food too. Great. Am i the only one enjoying the dinner? :p Thank god the Lava cake with ice cream that we order for dessert is yummy. My sis-in-law seems to enjoy it very much. We went straight home after dinner and arrived at about 10p.m.

Let me end the entry with this cute picture:

Happy brithday Ayah~

Happy brithday Ayah~


3 thoughts on “Belated entry

  1. hey there.. besnye shopping for pink tights!! So jeles! huhuhu.. I bought Bebe Pod for Adam. It’s softer than Bumbo Seat but more damage to the purse. Sigh.. I think it’s good to train him to sit and prepare him for meal time next month :p At least he will sit still so senang sket nk bg makan coz i don’t plan to buy him walker. My mom also use the seat while bathing him coz he’s so heavy kalau nak pegang dgn tangan and doesn’t want to sit still on the bath support. Multi purpose la kiranya seat nie.. N nampak macam tahan lasak so bolehla simpan utk adik2 Adam :p

    Or instead of buying the seat, you can buy the hugh chair terus.. sama je function dia.. n bumbo seat/ bebe pod ni kalau baby bontot besar x lama boleh pakai.. 😀

  2. Adam dah berapa kilo ni? hehe.. of course la baby boy kan lasak.. tu la.. i was thinking to get the bumbo seat especially for feeding time next month. Zara dah la jenis taleh duduk diam.

    Since u said baby bontot besar taleh pakai lama, maybe trus beli high chair je la hehe senang. Thanks for the info Kam!

  3. Adam was 7.95kg and 71cm when he was 4 mths 1 week. Sekarang dah 5 months tataula brape.. How about zara? I bought the seat when he was 3 months so lama la sket pakai.. skarang pun mcm dah ngam2 je.. a couple of months lg sure x muat dah seat tu.. Eh, what do u think about giving walker to the baby? kalau ikut buku seme kata jangan tapi berjuta org pakai walker elok je bjalan :p

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