Zara demam kura2 again :p

This morning I woke up and felt Zara’s palm is warmer than usual. No wonder she is crying and fussing, unlike her usual wake-up-with-a-smile routine. I checked her forehead and armpits and yes, I think she got mild fever. I put on the strip thermometer and it indicates that her temperature is about 37 degree C. I woke hubby up and told him that we need to take Zara to see her paed.

The paed clinic is not open until 9 a.m. so I took measure in my own hands and feed her some fever medicine from our last visit. She obviously hate the medication and insist that she wants milk instead. After her feed, I took a wet towel and put it on her forehead and then the rest of her body. After few rounds of massaging her body, she started flashing her cheeky grin and thank god that she is in her playful mood again. The temperature went down a bit and when we arrived at the clinic, she is all payful and the paed said nothing is wrong with her, just some mild fever and I did the right thing by giving her the fever medicine. Next time, maybe I will not be so panic and just monitor her temperature from time to time. A note to hubby: Sayang, we need a proper thermometer, the one with accurate digital number displayed on it. That will cost us about RM80 or more. Hmm.. maybe we need the whole first aid kit at home. Life changes so fast around here and sometimes I feel I am aging too :p

Zara, please don’t scare mak and ayah anymore ok. Are you sure you have fever this morning? Or you simply want us to take a day off to pamper you? Sabar je la anak dara mak ni :p


6 thoughts on “Zara demam kura2 again :p

  1. Normal la..kami pun selalu gak gabra bila Tina panas badan.. klinik dia jauh lak tu..kat jb nun. Yang kat kota tinggi ni semua tak sesuai. Baru jek masuk..dia tgk muka doctor dah menangis sakan sampai muntah-muntah..Muka dokte tu tak mesra kanak-kanak kot..hahaha

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