My 6 months old “cekodok pisang”

Zara is 6 months old yesterday. We did her routine check up today and she gained 500gm in 4 weeks. She is now 8.7Kg and growing. Sometimes I feel that she is growing up too fast. She even had her first nightmare this morning. She is crying (bersungguh2 ok…) and when I woke her up she was like.. eh.. mom and dad is around. After her surprised face, come the sweet smile and giggles. Sabar je la.

She is officially anak dara now (according to her Mak Tok and Mak Andak Milah) after her khatan session at Kangar last weekend. She scream on top of her voice, not due to the pain I guess. Kangar is too hot at this time of the year and we woke her up from her slumber just to khatan her. Mengamuk la “cekodok pisang” mak tu.

Fyi, the cekodok pisang name is taken from one of Zara’s favorite cartoon Loopdidoo. Go check it out on channel 611. I love that cartoon too, especially Loopdidoo and his family of red Kutu. This is what I’ve become after watching everything on 611. Temankan Zara kononnya tapi mak dia yang ketawa lebih :p

Ok, that is all for now. I thought the entry will be short haha but knowing myself, it ended up this long. Have a great week you all! (Can’t wait for Friday)


5 thoughts on “My 6 months old “cekodok pisang”

    • Biasalah Azima.. mak Zara ni mmg kuat gelabah :p
      Loopdidoo tu french cartoon.. derang translate to Malay jd cekodok pisang.. nickname loopdidoo tu.. comey sungguh haha..

  1. kesian zara…sbb mak dye nk tgk kartun…terpkse la dye tgk jugak :))
    wo…lmenye xonline! rndu…huhu…wikend nnt yanie tepon ea

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