First solid food

I wanted to blog about Zara’s first solid food for quite some time. I started introducing her with solid food before her 6th month bday just to familiarize her with the solid food texture. I am busy lately with work and I don’t want to mention about my house chores. Sometimes I wish I have more hands like octopus. Hey, octopus can make a good mother, no? Okay, let’s not talk about my busy life (what else is new? :p).

After some research, I decided to start feeding my lil baby apple puree. It is easy peasy and I don’t have to buy those apple sauce in a jar which is not only lacking vitamins and minerals, it is expensive and with added preservative to maintain its freshness. A big no for me. I am determine to DIY when it come to feed my baby and hopefully this will continue until she grows up.

apple puree

The apple puree inside the flexi ice cube tray

apple puree 2

Cover it with cling wrap before placing it inside the freezer

Since one apple make quite a big portion of apple puree (relative to Zara’s tummy :p), I decided to freeze it in the flexi ice cube maker. This means you can save time and effort. Just do it once maybe during the weekend and the puree can last for a week.

Zara eats only about 1 to 2 teaspoon. She make funny faces the first time we feed her the puree. From my observation, she love to bite the whole apple instead of eating the puree. She enjoy biting more than eating I guess. Easier option will be mashed banana thinned with some milk or water. Zara loves banana and she can finish about 1 tablespoon at each feeding.

As soon as she enter her 6th month bday, I started to feed her blended rice porridge. She loves the porridge with carrots better than the plain ones. And as of now, she has been eating 3 kinds of veggie; carrots, spinach and potatoes. Next, I am going to introduce her with pumpkin and celery. Feeding her is an adventure by itself and it is so satisfying to see my daughter enjoys the home cooked porridge.

zara sitting

Thanks for cooking the porridge, mommy!

I saw some interesting recipe from the baby book I read and it is going to be fun to try it out. Till then, have a nice weekend everyone!

9 thoughts on “First solid food

  1. Awww.. how wonderful! I remember feeding my four for the first time – we never did purees, however… if you really want to make mealtimes fun and inexpensive and stress-free, just give baby what you’re having. It’s not necessary to make foods special or puree foods or leave out spices or anything, and unless your family has a history of food allergies, there’s no reason to restrict any foods either (except honey). You can check out some great info here:

    Trust me, your life will be sooooo much nicer without having to work so hard on feeding baby! 🙂 Good luck and have fun!!!

  2. kak cik,
    kelakar ke? part mana? hehe.. part muka zara tu ke? wait till i share her face time makan apple puree.. haha..

    kan? mmg muka ayah dia and everyone still thinks she’s a baby boy everywhere we go. Adeh.. i need to let her wear more dresses everytime we go out

  3. makcik… samalaa ngan nuha.. first semi solid.. apple puree!! aku bagi dia fuji apple… akekekeke

    aku masokkan dalam ice cube gak… fist time makan .. pergh.. gelojoh betol.. takleh lambat sket, nangis dia.. hahaha.. dahlaa buat muka kelakar.. tapi still nak makan gak.. aperlaa nuha..

    anyway, kat giant ada ice cube tray yg bercover.. murah jer aku beli.. tak ingat braper… nnt rajin aku tempek gambaq kat blog…

  4. Ijat,
    Ada ek kat giant? kene pi carik ni :p giant penang tatau ade ke tak. Nuha makan apa ek now ni? Ada perkembangan diet tak? hehe

    Resepi simple je. Senang nak buat. Nanti aku share about home made baby food ok 😀

    Hehe.. Kak Shareen? marah dia nnt haha..

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