Can I teach?

You guys knew that this year will be a rough year. The economy is in bad shape and yes, I am affected. I have 2 days free of work and I seriously need to fill my time with activity that will generate money.

I have tried learning jahit manik but it is too time consuming for me. I have a baby to take care of, on top of my duties as a loving wife and the household chores (and my day work of course). I will reserve the jahit manik for our baju raya project this year. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

I decided to teach tuition to generate extra income for my family and hopefully all will go according to plan. I hope I have some teacher quality in me. I am very soft hearted person and I am patient. But how do you know your limit if it is not being tested before right? I hope my student will like me and I can be helpful to them. I only have one student so far and I am teaching Bahasa Melayu and English to form 3 student. I hope to have more student in the near future. 🙂 I can call up my MIL and FIL for advice. They are good teachers and I know, it is not easy at all. Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Can I teach?

  1. hey..bagus tu! i bet ko boleh jadi cikgu feveret la!
    arghhh pn minati! oh ye..contohi pn minati ye..
    btw, zara tu cute sangatttt!!!! dina ada kat kl ni. bile nak dtg kl?

  2. wah cemerlang. of kos u’ll be a good teacher coz u have lots of patience.
    pastu jgn lupe masak utk student ko, lagi rajin dierg dtg tuition. exam pon musti cemerlang!

  3. hi..i pernah ada experienced on taught..memang mula2 i takut boleh ke x i teach..masa tu i rembat je keje ape yg dpt bcoz my work that time agk m’bosankan. from construction field, i jumped to education field..funny!!i ajar BM, Geo, history..but, it’s so suprised when i realized, i hv the skills of teaching…income pun tinggi..i keje construction pn brp je dpt..dgn stress lg.. deeply in my heart, i love ths job..then, starting frm that untill now, i masih di bidang ini..& in planning to be a lecturer in my specialisation field…that’s my ambition..i tau, setiap org msti ada bakat masing2..klu u ada kesabaran utk mendidik anak2 murid u..u msti dapat kepuasan bile tgk diorg score..masa tu u akn’s is their A(s)!

  4. cda,
    cikgu feveret ke? jgn student aku tido nnt sudah la :p

    balik KL aa? bess lah makan sedap, mak masak. Rindu mak aku huhu.. masak utk student? boleh, RM5 per head hihi mata $$$an

    thanks for visiting. i hope i can do this and yes, the key to teaching is.. sabar. Hopefully I can improve his english and BM. :p

  5. babe..
    Dun worry, i know u can do better than me.
    Hehe just keep the secret to that ‘Wong’ 1st yea. btw i sms u his add and phone number.
    All the best and Good Luck!!!!!

  6. woww!! mencabar ni nak ngajar2 org….saya awal2 surrender,mintak mahap byk byk..mmg takleh buat, talent ada,skill kurenggg..heheh all the best siti!! nak kena travel jugak ke jumpa student? cewah..

  7. nette..aku yang kurang penyabar ni pun leh jadi lecturer skang..apatah ko yang sweet gila ni..student tgk pun senang je hati nak belajar..senang je maaa..hahha..dulu aku memula start keje,siap practice depan cermin tau..set masa sume..tapi skang after 3month ..walaupun lom expert lagi..tapi dah confident sket la nak ajar org ni..yang penting ko kena faham sucject tu..takut kang kantoi ngan student takleh jawab soklan diorang pulak kag..

    nway thanks for the cream k..

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