A Perfect Blend of Friendship award


I received this award from Aishah. Thank so much for the award and this is my first! Yeayyy 🙂 I hope we can meet one day. I love your writing and thanks for sharing your experience as a mother. 🙂

I would love to give this award to:

1. Ladyfisz

2. Shell

3. Ima

4. Ijat

5. Wanie

6. Caza

I hope our friendship will last forever.


7 thoughts on “A Perfect Blend of Friendship award

  1. Caza and Ima,
    You are welcome 😉

    Weh.. aku lupa kewujudan blog ko time aku type entry ni. Hehee.. ko dah jarang apdet maaaa.. mane de downcast!! hehe jgn majuk.. i luv u… *hugs*

  2. hehe.. nak return kat ct award apa plk eh..
    nnt jap carik. 😉
    Terima kasih daun tabu.. Nanti kasi la recepi daging hari tu bole???

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