Approaching the 7th month

Here’s a quick update on Zara’s development so far..

-she can sit down by herself longer than a few seconds, prob a few minutes, provided that she stay put and not reaching out for toys or laughing. She still cannot balance herself very well :p

-she can squeak, shriek, shout, say “taaat”, “daaad”, “mamamama”(her favorite words when she is hungry or sleepy :p)

-she loves playing hide and seek, ba cak

-she will listen carefully when she hears conversation and when the conversation ends, she will shriek as if she wants to give her opinion too (sibuk aje kan :p hehe)

-she will blink her eyes and smile when she wants something. For example, when she want to hold the car steering in the middle of the road, or when she want some of your food :p

-she can do pumping position with her hand rocking left and right, swaying her body as if she is dancing. She will smile showing her gum and sometimes blink her eyes. This only happens when she is in good mood and with a lot of people around (eksyen lebih :p)

-she will pretend to cry when she want some attention and laugh when we run to her side. Sabar aje tau anak mak ni :p Naughty girl

-she loves playing with her tongue, sticking it out, biting it :p

-she will make her “geram” face and shake her body if she disagree or protest on something. For example, when you take away her toys or refuse to feed her the yummy gulai daging :p hehe

I will update with Zara’s latest pictures soon ya 😉


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