of teething and McD

A quick update on Zara’s development so far. She is teething and I can see those 2 pearly white peeking thru an open gum. It is like a small slit on her gum. At first, I thought she got a cut from biting her toys or whatever it is that she can reach at that moment. But then again, hubby said she is not crying. It must be the teeth coming out already. Yippy yeayy! I notice her act of putting her finger in her mouth and rubbing it on her gum. She also love to put on her “geram” face nowadays. Just enjoy these picture for the time being. I will update once I got her “geram” face captured on the camera ok.


Update on Zara’s mommy pulak. :p I’m in seriously busy mode these days. The ball has been passed from the DnD to OF and now, we are the critical path of the project. We need to make the whole system work and testing it at the same time in merely 12 weeks. *pengsan* On the positive side, my job security is rather high and it seems like the engineers of the former SAD are safe. Btw, instead of being in SAD, now I am part of MCD. They joke around by calling us the McD engineers, making fries and burgers. If only it is that simple. Put on the frozen on the deep fryer and off you go. Anyway, I’m lovin’ it :p It is better to be real busy than pretending to be busy. Hehe. I am embracing the restructuring. What’s in store for next quarter? Only god knows. *Pray hard* Ok, back to wordscraper :p


8 thoughts on “of teething and McD

  1. aaahhh….. *melting
    comeinya awak ni Zara oiiii…..nnt gigi dah kuar jgn gigit mak ngan ayah tau.

    on another note, utk mommy Zara….enjoy the busy work routine while you can, heheee

  2. aaaaa… speaking of geram, padanlah 3-4 days back Afra suka wat muka geram, suke ketap2 bibir. rerupenye dia pun nak kuar gigi… lalalal.. tapi aku nampak satu je kat lower gum… hihihihi chaiyok for Afra & Zara! 🙂

  3. Uderq,
    Takpe, in a few months Mawaddah nye rambut sure lebat punye lah

    Pn Ima,
    Dah kene geget dah pon.. fav past time, geget idung mak dgn ayah :p

    Pn Caza,
    Dah undi Afra dah, go AFra! Tu la geram2 tu mmg related to teething kot ek. now Zara dah kurang geram2 :p Dah beli berus gigi utk Afra?

  4. Yuda,
    Aku tak reti boikot2.. reti makan je :p

    mmg selalu kena gigit.. tp balik nnt akan gigitkan special for u haha

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