Baby and discipline

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It is a good reminder to myself to calm down if I am on the verge of losing my temper. Zara can be quite difficult to handle at times especially when she is tired and sleepy after I got back from work and to make things worst, I got tonnes of other stuff to settle before I can attend to her needs. I feel like shouting sometimes and thank god so far I can still keep my tone down.

Should I discipline my baby?
Now that my baby is crawling around and getting into everything, how should I discipline her?

Expert Answers
Sandy Bailey, certified family life educator

Your job right now is to keep your baby safe, secure, and stimulated. A crawling baby may be old enough to make mischief, but she’s not old enough to learn the difference between right and wrong. Real discipline — the kind that teaches lessons and changes behaviors — will have to wait.

Even though your baby can’t grasp discipline, this is a great time to start practicing techniques that will work in the months and years to come. When she pulls on a lamp cord or sucks on a stereo knob, firmly tell her “no” and quickly redirect her to a safer activity. With her short attention span, she’ll quickly forget about causing trouble.

No matter what your baby does, spanking, swatting, and yelling are never appropriate responses. Harsh discipline will only scare her and can even cause an injury. Shaking a baby can cause life-long brain damage or death. If you feel angry, put your baby down in a safe place, like her crib or play yard, and give yourself a short break to calm down.

You can head off many problems by giving your baby a safe place to explore. Babyproofing your home — covering up outlets, putting dangerous things out of reach, blocking “off-limit” places with baby gates, and so on — is the best way to ensure good behavior. Instead of looking for discipline opportunities at this point, try to enjoy and appreciate your baby’s fascination with her world.


3 thoughts on “Baby and discipline

  1. jonet, tau dak, benda nih la yang aku wat sebelum aku terjumpa cara2 orang lain membesarkan anak. aku jumpa blog sorang mak nih, umur anak 7 bulan dah dibabap tangan tu sebab kombarkan lipatan baju. babap2 manja gitu. then aku jumpe boss hubby aku, dia cakap cakap je “hepp hepp” kalau dia nak usik benda yang tak patut dia usik, cam kipas ke..

    ko tau sejak aku mula jadi masukkan unsur nih dengan afra, senang sgt tangan nih nak pok dia, senang sgt suara nih nak high pitch. dan hati sentiasa rasa tak tenteram. sebelum nih, aku wat exactly what the article suggested, hati rasa sentiasa tenteram. tak pernah nak rasa marah2 ngan my little guy. i guess i need to stand on my own way. aku selalu tak yakin ngan diri sendiri. so it is true that mother knows best for her children, aight?

    tx for sharing jonet! 🙂 happy mother’s day! 🙂

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