down with fever :(

Poor Zara, she is down with  fever round 39.3 deg c this morning. i am very worried coz she keeps on crying since last night. fortunately, after seeing the cute Paed, she got a medicine given thru her bottom to bring the temperture down -fast. the antibiotic dosage has increased as well. the temp as of now has gone down but she looks very tired. she has been sleeping non stop since 6 pm and just woke up for a quick feeding. please get well soon Zara and get back to your cheerful mode.

thanks hubby for helping with housework and cooking while i am busy attending to zara’s need. you are the best. i love you!


5 thoughts on “down with fever :(

  1. sian zarra.. cepat2 baik ye syg.. setakat ni aylham blum penah demam.. takut gak klu dia demam.. take care ye zara.. aunty wishes u a speedy recovery.. 😉

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