Zara is getting better :)

Thank god the fever is already subsided. It turns out that Zara is getting “Campak palsu” according to the paed. The rashes is not that severe, just a few red dots and it does not seems to bother my lil Zara at all. She is back in her cheerful mode. This morning she laughed so loud when daddy tickled her tummy :p I feel relieved.

Btw, we had a very nice and quiet weekend at my in law’s. I got to eat keli goreng, yummy cendol pulut + tapai pulut and lots of mangoes. 😀 yum yum got to take back some of the mangoes home too. Yeayy!

Another cheerful note, we got a very special wedding to attend this weekend because it is my special friend’s wedding. Ahaaaa, finally the very long engagement is going to end. I am so happy for her and I wish everything went well and smooth. I wish her all the happiness in the world. I love you Ellina! 🙂


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