I can’t wait for weekend. We plan to balik kampung to meet my grandparents, aunties and uncles at Behrang and of course, to Rawang for my beloved friend’s reception. I can’t wait to see my cousin, Nur Qaseh Izzati who is just a few weeks old. Zara will get to see her maksu.

Note to self, make sure I pack the camera and charger, as well as our baju melaram. Last time I went to a kenduri is at Kangar, where one of the wakil rakyat got married for the 2nd time (the wife just passed away a few months back :p) I hope the nasi minyak is yummilicious :D. Now, I hope they have some form of acar at the kenduri too yummm. Suka hati. Ladidaaaa~


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