Zara at 9 months++

My little girl has grown quite a lot. She is quite a character. At 9 months, I can see that she have her own mindset and strongwill. She knows exactly what she wants and will scream and react if we denied her need. She can crawl and sit with ease nowadays. But when she is sleepy or tired, she can stumble too. She likes to go sneaking behind and do things we forbid her to do, such as leaning towards the tv cabinet and trying to grab all the wires behind. She will slam her body on anything soft, mcm main gusti gitu. Tak takut langsung. She is 9.3kg last time we weigh her and I don’t think she has gain more weight lately. in the 8th month she have 2 fever and lost her appetite quite a bit. My mother told me that she is just trimming her weight and building his body to prepare for walking. But i missed my chubby Zara. She still don’t quite like the solid food. Kena paksa baru dpt makan 2 3 sudu. Haih.. :p Nvm, usaha dan jaya. There must be something she likes to eat out there. Maybe Italian food kut. I will try making spaghetti with bolognese sauce and see if she likes it. I love my Zara so much and sometime I wish that she will stop growing for a while and just be my baby forever.


2 thoughts on “Zara at 9 months++

  1. Talking abt grabbing wires and leaning towards the tv cabinet, aqeel’s doing xactly the same :} but not the gusti-slammin part though. Aqeel dah jatuh katil a few times alread and cut his lil lip once bcoz tak boleh duduk diam and terhantuk kat bucu cabinet.
    I too wish that Aqeel would stop growing and be a baby for one more year (jangan jadi toddler :} )
    Aqeel have no problem eating, he loves foods. What ever and whenever we eat, he wants to chow down too, tapi tak gemuk².
    Btw I miss u nette, i’ll try to call you so we can have a chat. Love.

    • Nicky! Hey I miss you too dear. Tu la they grow up so fast kan? Rasa baru je kita borak about giving birth and what kind of stroller and playpen we should get. Adeh.. Zara haritu jatuh tilam (dah tak pakai katil dah, tilam je atas lantai) co her hand somehow got stuck and I am away just for few seconds and muka dia tersembab atas lantai. Lebam kat pipi seminggu lebih jugak la baru hilang. Si kecik tu kan putih, luka or lebam sikit susah nak hilang :p so now ni kena always monitor dia main takut tersangkut or terjatuh sampai takleh buat keje lain.

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