Babysitter incident e7%^&%$!

It started when I fetch my baby late two days in a row. Late as in 30 mins late. I usually come around 6pm, but I am working with a big company and I have no control over my work time. I fetch Zara around 6.30 2 days in a row and it is 25th of June already.

She started the whole thing by making muka masam when I pick my baby up. That night, she wrote me an sms telling that if I continue like this, she don’t want to take care of my baby anymore. She said that I should be considerate of her time and she got a lot of work to do. (Why do you accept the offer at the first place, if you are THAT busy??) “Akak tak mahu lah!” Sedap je cakap. Okay, partly it is my fault, I did not read the sms until the next morning. I have a meeting at 9 am and hubby decided to send me to the office first, then only bring Zara to her house.

When hubby arrived, she make a scene, muka masam and all and reluctantly took my baby from hubby’s hand. Since both of us are not aware of the sms yet, hubby is very confused. Then, she started yelling “Siti mana? Dia tak beritahu apa2?” How dare you raised your voice to my hubby??? Then hubby said nothing and he just left. He quickly called me and I happen to just finished reading the sms. OK, she is not happy. But what’s with the muka masam and yelling? Kalau tak mahu jaga cakap elok2. Kalau nak kami tambah duit upah pon boleh, cuma perlu lah berBAHASA sikit. Geram!

Thank god we got a new babysitter. She is older, more experienced and she have more patience. She is friendly and will discuss anything openly and that makes thing easier. She ask for RM320 and I agree. She will do the cooking and wash Zara clothes while she is there. Kan senang.

Manusia kalau dah tamak macam2. Owh btw, in the evening of 25th June, we pick up our lil girl at 4.30pm and told her that we decided to stop sending Zara to her house. She hastily pack the stuff and then off we go. To top that, she SLAMS the door right after we left her house. I think she got PMS lah at that time. But that is not an excuse to be rude. Sekian.


8 thoughts on “Babysitter incident e7%^&%$!

  1. kurang ajar sungguh baby sitter itew. obviously dia cuma nk duit, tak syg baby zara langsung..hmm.. aku setuju. patutnya, kalau x puas hati, dia bgtau la elok2. bukan susah pun..

  2. kak cik,
    Sian Zara yang comel kan? :p

    So far so good.. harap2 yg ni kekal la 🙂

    Aku pon pelik ada juga manusia mcm ni. Terus terang lg senang kan, aku pon tak suka la nak bermusuh2 ni :p

  3. so that’s the babysitter story.. susah tul nak cr sitter yg ok kan? mmg patut blah awal2.. incase klu dia dendam pape nnt x psl2 baby jd mangsa.. sian baby zara.. klu duk kl ke s alam leh aunty ajue babysitkan.. leh geng ngn aylham.. ;P

  4. gila la teruk bs tuh.. apa kata ko tempek je muka dia kat sinik, dia dok mana and all, kalau sesape yang dok area ko tuh happen to read your blog, tak de la nak bagik anak derang kat bs tuh.. eiii aku tak suka bs cam tuh.. biar tutup periuk nasi dia.. erghhhhh..

    sori aku emo terlebey…huhuhu..

  5. Ajue,
    Itu la, nasib baik la sempat tahu panas baran dia tu awal2 sebelum terkena kat zara.. kalau duk KL leh la zara geng dgn Aylham kan hehe

    Aku takdek pulak nak amik gamba dia caza. aku anggap dia mcm kakak, hormat semua. dia yg tak ikhlas. sedih kan. tp rumah dia kat apt krystal suria, bukit jambul, tingkat 17.

  6. bagus la kau dah tak bagi dia jaga lagi nette. bukan dia berdosa pun jaga zara 30 mins xtra, lagi dapat pahala. dan sepatutnya dia cakap la kat kau elok2. memang tak ada budi bahasa! cian baby aunty…

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