Dana Untuk Shahirah


Wan Samihah’s daughter, Shahirah is 10 years old. She is not feeling well with fever, and later diagnosed with “moderately large ASD secundum” by Dr Rosalie Yip of Sunway Medical Center.

ASD stands for ‘atrial septal defect’ – referring to the heart.


Shahirah condition is getting worst and she need a heart surgery as soon as possible. However, the estimated cost of operation is about RM25,000 and could be more for subsequent check ups.

A mother of 4, Wan Samihah is in need of HELP and SUPPORT from other mommy bloggers. You can help by contributing to the fund created for Shahirah, visit her blog to give a moral support or make a special blog post for DANA UNTUK SHAHIRAH.


Shahirah’s case is classified as ‘congenatal’ case – meaning she has this ASD heart defect since birth. Thus, insurance company is not paying for the cost. Any contribution, please bank-in to her Maybank account.

Maybank acc Yippie-i
Wan Samihah Bt Wan Ahmad

Hp – 013 6015 362 (wan)
Email –


I got this from Mom’s Blogger Planet. It immediately touched my heart. Please give your support and help to Kak Wan. I pray that one day, Shahirah will be healthy again. Amin.


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