Happy birthday to me 08.07.09 :)

I have such a wonderful birthday this year. With Zara around to add to just-the-two-of-us, it makes it even more sweet.

My birthday celebration actually started when me and my dear friends, pam and lipoh, baked a cake last weekend. It is the nicest carrot cake with cream cheese topping I have ever eaten in my life (ok i am being biased here 😉 obviously coz it is our cake!). We bake it on Sunday and ate it Monday afternoon. Early birthday celebration hihi.

On Monday, hubby went to KL and left me alone with Zara. Actually she behaved quite well without her dad’s around. :p Husband arrived in Penang Tuesday night and my 2nd celebration begins with dinner at Kapitan. I am craving for Roti telur bawang and of course, once arrived at Kapitan I must eat the tandoori chicken. red, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. That really makes my day.

On Wednesday, 8th of July, I took half day leave and decided to watch Transformers with hubby at QueensBay. I even had a chance to grab a jeans. All my other jeans are loose. Haih.. that needs another entry on its own :p btw, do they allow baby into cinemas? and if they do, at what age exactly? Maybe I can just check out the website later.

After the movie, we pick Zara up from the babysitter and went straight home to keep the EBM. We then went off to G Hotel for their buffet. I always love G for the nice ambient and service, but not as much on the food. It is getting worst. The food selection is not that much to begin with. Most of the food lack the flavor and they overcooked it. Wednesday supposed to be special laksa day for the buffet but even the laksa lacks the taste. Tawar. Roasted beef too salty. Haiyoo.. like this, I also can be a chef at the hotel la. The std is too low, I guess. I am curious, don’t they taste the food before they served it?

Move on to Thursday, I get to spent lunch time doing some retail therapy at Pisa. Metrojaya is having stock clearance sale from 9th to 12th July. We got to try some clothes and I bought myself a bright orange sweater and for my baby girl, a lovely sundress. Sorry hubby, I don’t have enough time to shop for you, we only have 1 hour to shop anyway. Hehe.. But it really feels good.

Today, the celebration continues by going over to Pisa again to get hubby his work shirt and pants as well as perfumes. Maybe I can get myself those RM79 Anna Sui perfume and some RM5 Revlon lipstick. Lalalaa~ got to go now. I will update with pictures soon.

Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me 08.07.09 :)

  1. aiyak siti..boleh pulak termiss entry yg ni…happy belated birthday dear mommy. harapan saya agar anda berbahagia dah bergembira senantiasa disamping famili tersayang. cewah!!

  2. nette!! happy belated birthday!!! sorry for the late wish.. last week nuha sakit2, selsema, batuk, demam.. now diarrhea pulak… aku cam tak terpk benda lain…. sory sangat2!!

    glad you had a blast birthday though! 😀

  3. Azima,
    Thank you for the wish! 😀

    Thank you. Takpe biar lambat asalkan selamat 😉 hehe. Kesiannya Nuha, demam apa tu? Take good care of her ok.. 😀

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