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hand sanitizer is never an option to me. I don’t think it does a good work compared to soap and water. Didn’t trust the ingredients either. It is just not safe to me.

I received a forwarded email this morning from my Mother’s Room group aka Pumping Mother’s group about the danger of using hand sanitizer and it triggers me to google more about it. True enough, usage of hand sanitizer can cause more danger than I think. Now, I am converted to don’t-care-about-hand-sanitizer group to the against-hand-sanitizer group.

Here’s why:

  • It contains alcohol either in the form of ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol which if consume by children can cause severe illnesses same like adults overdose with alcohol. Mabuk ok!
  • With nice packaging and attractive colors and flavors making it so interesting for the lil curious children to put in their mouth
  • According to a microbiologist, these alcohol-based sanitizers will kill most bacteria and some viruses, but they do not kill bacterial or fungal spores or viruses that lack membranes (which include many cold viruses and viruses that cause gastrointestinal diseases, especially in children). Then, why bother using it?
  • Sanitizers don’t remove dirt or other contaminants. As an example, sanitizer won’t remove the residual gasoline from one’s hands.
  • The high amount of alcohol can dry out the skin to the point where cracks in the skin are actually more prone to infection.

In the end, it is a poor substitue for soap and water. Personally, I just bring along the wet wipes for a quick cleaning especially to clean my baby’s hand and also any surface she touches (tables/chairs in the restaurants etc.). I will always use soap and water whenever available. Then again, I am sure all parents out there know what is good for your children and how to take good care of them. I am just sharing my thought and thank god it’d Friday! 2 more hours to go. Yeaayyy~


One thought on “Usage of..

  1. aku pun setuju nette.. dulu time xde baby rajin pki hand sanitizers.. tp bile dah ade aylham tukar pki baby/wet wipes je.. lgpun bile pki sanitizers tu nnt akan ada ade rase x sedap klu kite terjilat jari ke ape.. so, takut nnt aylham isap2 jari yg ade hand sanitizers tu plak..

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