It’s a good weekend :)

We had such a good weekend that it made me dreaded going to work this morning.

Friday evening, darling hubby picked up ayah and mak from the airport. They decided to spend a night with us and play with Zara before heading back to Kangar. Congratulations to my dear sis Farah on your graduation! 🙂 I know you will be a good nurse in KK. (I am so going to drag hubby for a getaway in KK soon hehe)

Had a good chit chat session with them while my little girl was sleeping. She woke up a few times though. I guess she is teething quite badly and it must be very painful for another set of teeth coming out. Now, there’s another one tooth coming out at the bottom of her gum making the total count of 6 teeth. Hooray~

I made nasi lemak and sambal tumis udang Saturday morning and my in law is off to Kangar. They will be visiting soon in 2 weeks time. They are going to KK to visit Farah again. I really wish we could tag along.

On Sunday, after lunch we headed to Jusco Bandar Perda and it is quite spacious and less crowded. I loved it better than Jusco Queensbay. They are having sales until end of August. Wohoo just in time for raya. I might browse the butiks available nearby the area for our baju raya too. Selalu last minute :p hehe Bad mommy!

We got to spend my Pizza Hut birthday voucher. Zara had fun sitting on the high chair munching the melons and breadsticks. She even shriek a few times and we noticed that she is quite chatty too. All the time in Jusco she is talking in her own “alien” language. I thought it sounds like German haha :p

Went back home and I prepared dinner after my baby fell asleep. We got to watch The Mummy. Our favorite! Then we realized, Zara is talking in ancient eqyptian language. Haha.. “akhothokhu” or something like that.

How about your weekend? I hope yours is good too.

One thought on “It’s a good weekend :)

  1. Siti,
    Jusco Bandar Perda…saye suker…lalalla btw, kami sini minat gak citer Mummy, siap simpan dvd trilogy dia buat harta pusaka…ahaks eh jap, ke Zara kata anaksunamun..hehehehhe

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