The sweet smell..

My hubby did the sweetest thing today.

He went to KL to meet client early morning yesterday and he is supposed to come home last night. Instead, he stayed overnight doing his work with his bestfriend. I guess besides the work, they catches up on each other’s life and forgot about the time. He is overly tired and this morning he managed to get a flight from LCCT at 6.55 in the morning and arrived home at 8.15am.

I am preparing Zara, dressing her with a fresh clothes (since she ate her breakfast and had food stain all over her pyjama, comot sgt!) when hubby open the front door. Zara quickly turn her head over and say “haaa?”. I guess she knew her father arrived from work and she smiled. I told her “Iya sayang, ayah dah balik”.

A few seconds later, dear hubby open the bedroom door and presented me a golden paperbag. Inside was a gold box with red ribbon on it. Isn’t it sweet? He know I love gold and red. The color is so rich and elegant. I am so surprised by his sweet gesture and handsome smile. He said “Buka lah”. You see, my hubby is a man with few words but from his look I know he feel so happy he can finally get me something proper for my birthday and at the same time he is so tired from all the work and travelling that he can sleep 48 hours straight.(Yes, this he had done before :p) I gave him a sweet kiss and all he can say is “Orang busuk ni” hehe.. like I care :p

Thank you sayang. I love the smell and I love it more because it is a gift from you. Thank you for all your sacrifices just to make sure we live a better life. I love you~

the sweet smell ;)

the sweet smell ๐Ÿ˜‰


8 thoughts on “The sweet smell..

  1. waaahhh..sweetnya..tak sangkaaa betul..bak kata org diam ubi berisi..hehe..bestkn dpt hubby yg takberapa bila one in a blue moon dia beromantik mesti rs tak larat..

  2. shell, nnt i suruh hubby i bukak kelas.. tp dia pon tak master lg camana?

    yuda, masih rasa tak larat ni hehee

    kak cik, of course la suka ada org manja kan haha :p

  3. Sha, mmg suka sgt terbang melayang2 ke cloud 9 hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Makteh, Paiz mmg sweet tp kadang2 boley jd sweet sour jugak kih kih :p

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