Happy fasting~

I haven’t update my blog for quite some time. Haven’t have time to visit my friend’s blog either. Sheesh. Work is piling up and I will be busy all the way until after raya. Thank god my boss already grey out the raya week. That means I can take one week off from work yeayy!

First of all, I want to wish salam ramadhan and happy fasting to all my muslim friends. Fasting this year with Zara around is quite challenging. The reason is I am still breastfeeding my girl and had to pump twice a day to get around 12oz of milk for her to consume at Kak Mariah’s place. I always feel a pang of hunger after I finished pumping. To top that, I think we start the Ramadhan quite rough with 2 days missing sahur. Only god knows how hungry and dehydrated I felt during those 2 days. I just can’t wake up even after the alarm clock is properly set at 4am. I guess I am just too tired.

Last weekend we managed to go back to Kangar for berbuka on Saturday and we plan to go back to Penang the same night. Hubby got a meeting early Sunday morning. We plan to go back after the terawih and tup tup tak jadi balik. I can’t even open my eyes when hubby woke me up at 10.30pm. Plus, we don’t have the heart to wake Zara up from her deep sleep. Hubby decided to go back on his own that night and promise to pick us up tomorrow. Apa lagi terus sambung lena.

Zara had fun on Sunday even though it is raining all day long. She saw the chickens that my FIL raised outside and said “Cipcip”. So cute, she thought they were birds instead, hence the “cipcip” sound. I told her that is chicken and make the “kokkokkok” sound and she replied back “cipcip”. Hentam sajalah labu :p Chicken is in the same family as bird too, right? Hehe..

Let me share yesterday’s berbuka and sahur menu:

Berbuka: Laksa penang, ayam percik, kerabu perut, gulai keladi, murtabak, karipap, kuih keria, kurma cina

Sahur: Sambal sardin dgn kentang, sup sayur dan daging

Today nak makan apa pulak ya? :p

Before I go, let me share my current desktop picture:


2 thoughts on “Happy fasting~

  1. Kesiannya.. penat sangat nampaknya. Tak pe..besar pahalanya berpuasa dengan menyusukan anak..

    sabar ye..dugaan. saya pun batuk n selsema sampai hilang suara pada puasa pertama..

    jaga kesihatan n jaga kualiti susu utk zara ye..

  2. Itulah Sha, puasa mmg penat kalau bfeed ni kan. tapi takpa dugaan semua ni. Ni dah masuk hari ke 5 dah okay dah 😉 ceria as usual hehe

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