Beautiful baby search contest~

I wanted to try my luck on this contest by Mommy Mea Zara. Or should I say Zara’s luck. One of the reason is, Mommy Mea Zara provide such attractive prizes and of course, our baby shares the same name, Zara.

Okay, let see the first picture shall we 😉


This is my baby girl, Dini Zara binti Ahmad Faiz. She was born on 10th of September 2008. Her birthday falls on the 10th of Ramadhan (the 9th month in Hijri calendar), so 10/09 as well.She is going to be 1 year old in a few weeks time.

Just to share some random facts about my lil girl. A lot of friends and families said that she looked like a boy, but in this picture she look all girly in purple. She is very talkative nowadays. I took this picture just before we went back to my mom’s house in KL. My lil girl is exactly 10 months old that day. She’s a bit sleepy but still have the mood to play. She was asking for the camera when this picture is taken :p


The second picture above is taken at G Hotel Penang. We were celebrating my birthday there. My baby is 10 months old when the picture is taken. You can see that she is all sleepy after finishing a bowl of fruits. She is in her manja mode with ayah. Just look at her pretty face :p

This is the first time I’m entering Zara for a contest and hopefully we will win. Good luck to everyone too ya 😉


5 thoughts on “Beautiful baby search contest~

  1. hello my dear zara.. ow gosh.. we both love ZARA to the bits huh?? hehe…well.. to you,ms Djone, lets check wot jury gonna say bout ur zara on 1st Sept ok!.. =) mwah mwah to ur little munchkin!

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