My darling Zara and “chichaa”

Zara’s favorite word nowadays is “chichaa”. At first she will say it whenever I point to her that birds are around. She love to see birds flying over her head. Then after sometime, I realized that whenever we were on the road she will say “chichaa” too. So I am not sure what is she talking about. It maybe a car, or simply a moving object. I feel so stupid sometime that I cannot comprehend a mere word from my lil girl. I guess what my friend said today is true. Babies nowadays are so smart that they can understand what we are talking about, but us adult cannot even understand a word of their “special” language. Sounds like “labelabelabela” to me. So cute 😉


3 thoughts on “My darling Zara and “chichaa”

  1. Sha, tu la kadang2 letih layan dia bercakap. Tak faham tp layan aje hehe

    Ajue, Zara dah ada few words yang dia suka ckp but lately duk sebut chicha je manjang hehe tu yg mak dia curious sgt tu

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