The old black jeans

I just got back my jeans from the tailor. It cost me RM58 for the 3 jeans but they had massive repaired done especially on the knee and crotch area :p Two of them are from my uni years. One from Gap, one from Esprit. I love the gap one, it is black with earth tone wash on it. Bootcut style but it is not that obvious and it is in size 2! Yes, I wear size 2 before. The jeans are stretchable so I still can use it even after my size went up. I blame all the good food I had once I got back home. And now, I am wearing my old black jeans in size 2 with extra room on the thigh area. Wohoo~~

I can fit in my old jeans weeeeeeeee~
It sure make me feel good. 🙂

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