Officially bored with Param :p

We are officially tired of the Pasar Ramadhan food. The quality of the food can be very bad at times and we are getting bored of the options. It is the 19th of Ramadhan and we have tried almost everything (tipu la kan, we buy the one we like only laa).

Yesterday, after browsing through all the recipes online, I decided to make bread pudding to replace the usual kuih because it is delicious and easy to make. Furthermore, almost all ingredients are ready accept for the raisins and the ground cinnamon. Thank god for the internet, finding a recipe is always easy, at the tip of your fingers. However, try the recipe at your own risk and you do need to tweak the recipehere and there to suit your ingredients and equipments. With my inferior butterfly oven, the cooking time of only 30 minutes turn out to be 1 hour haha. I cook using the heat at the bottom for 40 minutes and another 20 minutes using the heat at top and bottom.

Here’s the results:

The bread pudding

The bread pudding

Since we have extra bread, I just heat the non-stick pan and cook the ol french toast atau nama melayunya, roti celup telur :p Easy and yummy!

As usual, Zara will be sibuk hanging at my feet. Trying to stand up like me and hubby. She is so hardworking, hubby said she wanted to learn how to cook. Ye la tu, tukang sibuk aje :p


The main menu for the day is nasi ayam kukus with sambal kicap, fish ball soup with bak choy and freshly cut tomatoes as garnish.

The simple nasi ayam kukus

The simple nasi ayam kukus

The drink of the day is Longan with Ribena. I love it! Thanks hubby for helping out.

Longan + Ribena

Longan + Ribena

Hmm, what to cook for today? We’ll see. I will keep you posted on our Ramadhan culinary adventure (adventure la sangat haha). Til then, selamat berbuka!


7 thoughts on “Officially bored with Param :p

    • Kesiannya sampai seminggu. mmg makanan derang tak berapa hygenic, kalau simpan utk sahur sure basi huhu.

      Zara tak pandai jln lg la uncle acap. Baru nak meniti je, pegang2 benda n berjalan sendiri hehe. Duk sibuk sorong mainan baru dia 😉

  1. Kak cik, zara mulut bising :p hehe
    Dinna, dia nyibuk je tu.. mmg suka gi dapur
    Kem, thanks! hehe birthdaymate uncle riki la ni 😉
    Cda, ngidam yg mana satu? puding roti ke? simple2 ajaa

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